Incident reporting of 2018

We help you be promptly notified about any incidents with your hardware, facilities and many others, so you can offer remarkable experience to your customers.

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Efficiency for you and your customers


Save money on the on-call people

Receive feedback from your customers 24/7. Know what and when needs attention without people on the phone line.


React faster

Make it easy for your customers to report incidents and leave feedback. You will hear from them sooner and will react faster.
Ticketing systems friendly.


Make your customers happy

Easy communication shows them you care and provides them a feel of control over the issue. Keen them coming back to you.

How it works

Demo computer with sticker

Step 1: Add what you want to track

Add the instances (devices, facilities, etc.) you want to track into the system.
Unique labels with directions and multiple feedback options will be generated.

Demo computer with sticker

Step 2: Print & stick

Print the labels and place them on trackable instances.

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Step 3: Collect feedback

Your customers can now use their smartphone to conveniently communicate with you via QR code, short email or short URL. All feedback will include instance details, such as device or facility name.


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10 trackable instances

100 feedbacks per month

$ 9/mo

100 trackable instances

5 000 feedbacks per month

$ 19/mo

500 trackable instances

25 000 feedbacks per month

$ 49/mo

2000 trackable instances

100 000 feedbacks per month

trackable instance can be a device, facility or anything you want to collect feedback about in real time.
Such as but not limited to computers in public lab, vending machines and bathrooms.

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